Tabris.js 1.11 update

The Tabris.js 1.11.0 release is now available. As we concentrate all our energy on the upcoming Tabris.js 3 release, this marks the end-of-life of the 1.x branch. Active support continues for Tabris.js 2.x.

iOS apps

With Tabris.js 1.11.0 we made sure that you can still build your Tabris.js 1 apps on our build service and upload a release to Apple’s App Store. As you may know, Apple only accepts apps built using one of the latest two Xcode releases (currently these are Xcode 9 and 10). To make this possible we updated the Tabris iOS platform to a recent version of Cordova (the Tabris.js 1.11.0 iOS platform is now based on cordova-ios 4.5.4).
In return this also means you can not use earlier version than 1.11.0 anymore if you want to submit your app to Apple’s App Store.

If you are actively developing a Tabris.js 1.x app, you have to update your package.json so it contains

and additionally configure you build in the build service to use 1.11.0 like this:

Developer App

We decided to use our Developer App’s place in the app stores for a preview of the Tabris.js 3 release. This way you can provide us with early feedback on the exciting new features in that upcoming release. You can still find the Developer App for Tabris.js 2.x in the app stores under the name “Tabris.js 2”.

For the retired 1.x branch it is still possible to create your own Developer App. Just build your app against 1.11.0 and toggle on the “Debug” switch. Now your app behaves like a Developer App.

We are happy to leave Tabris.js 1 in a stable and functional state so we can focus on the road ahead. As always we are looking forward to your feedback – just drop us a message.