Tabris.js Windows 10 Beta Program

Tabris.js is a cross platform mobile toolkit that enables application developers to target multiple platforms from a single JavaScript code base. Unlike some other cross-platform toolkits, Tabris.js does not rely on WebViews, but instead produces native applications. This is achieved by providing a cross-platform API in JavaScript and linking that API to the platform specific widgets. Additionally, Tabris.js also includes a build service. This service enables our users to easily produce mobile apps (apks and ipas) by simply linking their GitHub repository to the service.

Tabris.js initially targeted Android and iOS devices. Earlier this year we announced our plans to support Windows 10, and we are happy to announce that this support is now here. This means that you can now build and deliver Tabris.js applications that target the Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone and even Windows 10 desktop devices, as well as iOS and Android. We have released our first application for all these platforms — the EclipseCon Europe 2016 Conference app. The application is now available in all three mobile stores.

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Access to the Windows 10 build service will be rolled out over the next few months. If you would like to join our beta program, please sign-up below.