Tabris.js Packing a Punch at enterJS

We’ve just returned home from our first enterJS conference in Darmstadt, Germany. EnterJS is all about JavaScript for the enterprise, and given the history of enterprise software, we weren’t surprised to find many developers with the same Java background as us. Still, it’s a pleasure when people at a JavaScript conference recognize you for your work in the Java and Eclipse world!

We presented on J2V8, a set of Java bindings for Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

The conference coincided with the publication of ES6 (or EcmaScript 2015, in line with the new annual update schedule), so the standards received good coverage. It’s pretty clear that the language is heading in a good direction and the interest in the new features is high.

TypeScript talks were all well attended. If you are primarily a Java developer, you might find that writing your code in TypeScript and compiling it to JavaScript will feel more natural to you. Some even say TypeScript is like JavaScript on steroids

And now for some boxing fun we brought with us to enterJS.

We used a simple setup consisting of a boxing stand, and an iPhone running an application built with Tabris.js. On the screen you can see the readings from the device accelerometer that let you measure the power of your punch. While simple, it proved quite popular at the conference. Seemed like everyone wanted to deliver a punch or two ;) Check out some footage from the Tabris.js booth at enterJS 2015:

Thanks to everyone we had a chance to talk with and hopefully, see you next year at enterJS!