Tabris.js and the speedy build service

Single-sourcing mobile apps has become very convenient, now that we have the technology that lets you do it right, for free:

It’s especially evident when you use the Tabris.js build service and build your apps directly from GitHub repos. A single repo for an iOS and an Android app? Neat! :) Plus, building online means you don’t need specific hardware or software, e.g. a Mac to build an iOS app or Android SDK to build for Android. Build your apps anywhere, anytime!

Get started

It’s very easy. We created a project with a minimal setup project which contains a basic Tabris.js app. You can later refer to it for your own project structure if you like.

First, fork this repository and sign in via GitHub at Once you’re in, choose the “My App” view from the left sidebar and hit the “Create app” button.

You will find the “tabris-js-getting-started” repository somewhere on the list. Select it and it will begin validating.

A few moments later… :)

Select the app and click “Build Android app”. If you’re quick, maybe you’ll manage to grab a cup of coffee.

Voila! Your .apk is now ready for download. Transfer it to your Android device and check out the first Tabris.js app you’ve build. As you can see, it took less than 5 minutes!

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