Native Gestures, Top Tabris.js Feature #9

On April 30th Tabris.js 1.0 was released, providing developers with the tools to write native mobile applications entirely in Javascript. To celebrate the release, I’ve been counting down the Top 10 Tabris.js features.

As we discussed yesterday, Tabris.js provides access to the native resources and widgets of the mobile device, directly from Javascript. In addition to native widgets and resources, Tabris.js also provides integrations with Native gestures.

Number 9 on my list is Native Gestures.

Users come to expect certain interaction patterns on their devices. From pull to refresh to swipe to dismiss, providing a familiar user experience is paramount. Tabris.js provides an extensive API for integrating with native gestures. Tabris.js classifies gestures into 4 different types (tap, longpress, pan and swipe), with 13 gesture events in total.

For more information on what you can implement with native gestures, checkout Christian’s excellent post on implementing swipe to dismiss, or checkout the complete code example on GitHub.

Writing beautiful mobile apps in Javascript, with a truly native look & feel, brings app development to the masses. If you’re new to app development or a seasoned veteran, checkout Tabris.js and get started today. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

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