UIWebView and deprecated API usage in iOS applications

Since April 2020, Apple does not longer accept new apps that reference deprecated UIWebView in the source code.

You can still submit updates of your existing apps, though.

The latest Tabris.js iOS platform allows you to use WKWebViewOnly preference in Cordova config.xml to fix this issue in a case when you want to create a new app.

– Add plugin cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
– Add preference attribute CordovaWebViewEngine to the config.xml.
– Add feature attribute CDVWKWebViewEngine to the config.xml.
– Add preference WKWebViewOnly to the config.xml.

If you get the warning after updating your app, it may indicate that some of the plugins you’re using are referencing UIWebView. You should use an alternative plugin or contact a given plugin’s developer. You might also want to check How To Use ‘WKWebViewOnly’ on Apache Cordova blog.

Happy Coding!