Tabris.js 3.7.2 improves stability and performance

Tabris.js 3.7.2 has been released. It addresses several issues surrounding worker support and various other bugs.

Worker fixes

  1. Fix FileSystem bug when reading file in worker (Android)
  2. Fix Worker bug when posting ArrayBuffer (Android)
  3. Support for ArrayBuffer and TypedArray (including inside arrays/objects) in posted messages (iOS)
  4. More robust worker execution in all cases (iOS)

Additional improvements

On the Android side several TextInput related issues have been resolved. Scrolling a TextInput inside a ScrollView is now correctly enabled, as well switching auto capitalization during runtime.

On the iOS side we now support Xcode 12.3.

The JavaScript part now correctly issues close events for Popup, improves performance for ListView and makes incorporating an MVVM pattern easier.

Getting the Android development client

Due to technical difficulties, the Tabris.js Android development app has been republished under a new app id. Its functionally remains the same as before but it is now published as an App Bundle, reducing its download size.

It can be obtained in the Google Play Store.

New features ahead

With this last patch release out of the way we are working full steam on the next larger release: 3.8. Expect good things to come of it. :)

Get Started with Tabris.js 3.7.2

Get the app

  1. Install the Tabris.js developer app on your device. Links below.
  2. Try out the bundled snippets in the app, or edit and run them via Tabris.js Playground.
  3. Install the 3.7 Tabris CLI on your machine: npm install -g tabris-cli@3.7.2
  4. Type tabris init in an empty directory to create a simple example app.
  5. Type npm start and load it in the developer app.
  6. Check out the Tabris.js 3.7.0 documentation.

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