Tabris.js 2.9 improves iOS 13 Support

We are happy to announce the latest update of Tabris.js 2. It ports some minor features over from the 3.x stream, but the most integral part of this release is a iOS 13 bugfix. Due to a change in Apple’s network API, the Tabris Developer App (or any Tabris App with sideloading enabled) would crash when attempting to run an app from an HTTP URL. If you are currently developing a Tabris.js 2 App targeting iOS 13, you can update to 2.9 simply by installing the 2.9 Tabris module and make a new build. Also, make sure your developer app is up to date.

Newcomers, or anyone creating a Tabris.js app from scratch, should check out the latest Tabris.js 3 release instead.