Tabris 3.6.1 released with important TypeScript and Android updates

We recently published Tabris.js 3.6.1, a patch release building on Tabris.js 3.6.0. Aside from some minor fixes in the JavaScript layer, it has two very important changes:

We also made some minor tweaks to the 3.6 Documentation.

Please note: This patch release only updates the npm module and Android platform. The iOS platform, CLI and developer apps remain unchanged. The new npm module still works with 3.6.0 platforms and vice versa. If you are currently working on a Tabris 3.6.0 app, there is nothing you need to do to update.

As always, happy coding!

Get Started with Tabris.js 3.6

Get the app

  1. Install the Tabris.js developer app on your device. Links below.
  2. Try out the bundled snippets in the app, or edit and run them via the Tabris.js Playground.
  3. Install the 3.6 Tabris CLI on your machine: npm install -g tabris-cli@3.6.0
  4. Type tabris init in an empty directory to create a simple example app.
  5. Type npm start and load it in the developer app.
  6. Check out the Tabris.js 3.6 documentation.